5 Reasons you cant change your bodyshape (reason 2)

You lack support and accountability.

This reason is related to the last (fear),

Imagine if you had to learn to drive by yourself, 

it would take you 
a lot longer to get started 

then you would have to figure out what a clutch does 

and if you did finally manage to start the car, 

you may be put off by the mistakes you made as they could be quite costly.

Attempting to change your bodyshape can be much the same.

Having someone who, not only knows what to do, 

but knows how to teach it to someone else
 is key. 

As for accountability.

It is easy to tell yourself you will start working out 

and then make excuses why it’s ok to start tomorrow.

But it’s a lot harder to go back on your word when you make that commitment to someone else. 

There are many benefits to hiring a coach but I think this one is overlooked.

I recognise my limitations so I consult with many experts to help me with various aspects of my life.

If you feel a little overwhelmed with where to start on your fitness journey,

don’t go it alone. 

<<< Injury Free Fitness Fix >>> 

If you join us you will get to know our fitness family who make it hard to leave but easy to stay. 

This includes all of our colleagues who work at the St Pauls Academy (where we train) and the gym members too.

Keiron ‘the stig’ Miller 


Reason 3 tomorrow 🙂

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