5 Reasons you are not changing your bodyshape (reason 4)

Conflict of Interest.

So you want to… 

Tone up.

Have more energy.

Move better.

look and feel great. 


you also want to…

Eat junk. 

Drink Booze.

Eat out a couple of times a week.  

Collapse on the sofa after work and not workout.

I know it sounds obvious but,

if you want to look like someone who works out and eats well,

then guess what…

You have to work out and eat well. 

That said, 

You can do both,

but you have to be really smart about it 


you have to earn it…

I am not just talking about working out lots so you can eat what you want.

I mean really practising on becoming a person who understands themselves and can manage what it takes to do both.


you have to do the work to get the life you desire. 

Get in touch if you don’t know where to start and we will lead the way.  

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Keiron ‘putting in the work’ Miller

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