A real pain in the neck

Case Study

A 42-year-old male, neck pain onset last 2 months

The patient came in complaining about a stiff neck pain he was having for the last 2 months. He thinks it might have been because of the way he was sleeping. It was affecting him from doing normal daily things like driving (looking over shoulder), certain exercises in the gym and general movement which involves turning to his left. After asking a load of questions it was clear it was just neck pain because of stiff muscles and maybe tweaking a muscle. As soon as he showed me the area of pain I felt I knew what to do as I have had the same exact thing he was experiencing loads of times! To sort him out I massaged in and around the area (traps, scapula, lats) I used trigger point techniques on his upper traps and used a deep massage technique on his neck. At the end of this, the patient was surprised and happy because the treatment was effective. He felt pain-free and immediately looked over his shoulder and laughed.

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