Be yielding

.When I talk about being unstoppable,

What I am saying is, dont let obstacles get in the way of your goals.

In the wider sense, you CAN do it all


not all the time.

As superhuman as I like to think I am

I am still subject to the laws of our reality.

No matter how well I look after myself I still might get sick.

When we come into problems is when we fail to recognise when it is time to take a break.

If you have been spinning your wheels for some time now,

First, you have to surrender.

Accept how you are feeling.

And then you can begin to feel better.

<<<<< Iam here and I want to be there = Stress >>>>>

Instead try

<<<<< Its ok that Iam here, now I can see how to get there = Success >>>>>

Keiron ‘like water’ Miller

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