Change your body by changing your mind

Have you ever noticed how

some days you feel you look great and other days

not so much?

or people tell you

you are looking good,

you have lost weight

or your skin looks great.

And that their claims don’t seem to be based on much.

When you are feeling good, you perceive your body to look better.

What’s more, you exude this feeling to others so they pick up on it.

If you feel better

you look better.

Your body is the mirror image of your mind.

If you want to change your body start by changing the conversations you have in your head.

As a part of my morning routine, I read this;

‘Be tough and vigilant on your thoughts’

This is a reminder to catch any unwanted thoughts and

replace them with wanted ones.

As time goes on

I start to cultivate a ‘can do’ attitude

build my self-esteem

am more positive

and productive.

Having enough ‘awareness’ to notice these thoughts or that voice is not easy.

If you would like help catching these thoughts, get in touch.

Also, there are a couple of books that will help. One is the untethered soul and the other is secrets of the millionaire mind.

Keiron ‘whack a mole’ Miller