Is comfort making you fat?

A couple of weeks ago

I went camping.

As I walked along the uneven ground of the field

I thought to myself

‘man my ankles are really being tested!’

It made me realise how smooth Bristol’s inner city is

and how everything is designed for comfort.

I was in London last week and as I left the tube station

I could not believe my eyes…

there were about 200 people crammed on to the narrow escalator

(most of whom had their heads in their phones)

while both sides of the stairs (like escalators that don’t move)

were vacant.

I took the opurtunity to get in some additional cardio and raced up the stairs passed all the comfort lovers.

Now niether is good or bad but it depends what you want for yourself.

If you want to move through life being comfortable and

not challenging yourself physically thats ok.

but if you dont use it you lose it.

There are 168 hours in a week,

instead of focusing on the 3 hours of exercise time (congrats if you do 3hrs a week btw)

Try being more active in the other 165

Keiron ‘everyone active’ Miller

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