Don’t Be late

I had the school run today and I was running a little late.

There was a moment when I was about to get angry with Max (my son)

for taking his time to get out of the car and then

I realised,

he’s just being himself. 

If I am to be responsible for getting him to school on time I have to factor in extra time for who he is. 

And Life goes like that. 

Being on time goes far beyond making that appointment.

Anything you want to do will be subject to actions, actions which occur at a time.

If you cant be on time things don’t work, that is they don’t get done or they breakdown. 

Making time and being on time consists of 2 things.

1 Planning ahead,

2 Who you’re being when its time to act.

So pay attention to the voice in your head, 

what’s it saying about why you can’t make it to the gym 


why you can’t leave 40 minutes early.

Having what you want is simple

receiving it takes something.

Keiron ‘always on time’ Miller

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