A false sense of security

People come to me with body problems.

They follow my advice

and things get better.

They taste success….

And so, become in less ‘pain’.

But without the ‘pain’ the motivation to take action starts to go down,


They STOP.

They stop doing the things that made them successful.

Working out,

Eating better,



And then they go backwards…

So, they come back to me.

I simply remind them of what worked before and get them back on track.

It is important to recognise and celebrate your small wins,

but remember its just one small piece of a much larger puzzle.

So you can not become complacent.

Does it become easier?

Of course, once it becomes habitual.

But until then,

you have to keep reminding yourself

of what you have to do to achieve the goal.

Try writing the activities down on a piece of card and carrying it with you.

Set a reminder on your phone that goes of when it is convenient to do ‘the thing’.

Create a visual and look at it first thing when you wake up.

Post it notes work great too, although I would recommend sharing your activities with only a select few (I’ll tell you why in another email).

Hope that helps

Keiron ‘habit forming’ Miller