How to feel awesome everyday

Someone asked me the other day,

‘How are you’

I responded,

‘I am awesome’.

But this didn’t happen by accident.

I engineered it.

And I wasn’t always like this.

Over the last few years, I have made a conscious effort

to minimize negativity

and become a sponge, connected to a vacuum cleaner, for

positivity, happiness and ideas related to well-being.

We are quite lucky that we can choose what we expose ourselves to.


It is important to recognise how much we are influenced by what we are exposed to.

so whatever you want to do, become or feel

surround yourself with things associated with that.

If you want to be happy,

do things that make you smile.

Instead of watching tv,

watch a positive talk on youtube,

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If you want to get fit

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Whatever you want, immerse yourself in it

and you can’t help but move in that direction.

Keiron ‘osmosis’ Miller

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