Finding your Center

How are you right now?

Its easy to forget yourself and get lost in life.

Taking a moment to really be with yourself is possibly one of the most important things you can do.

In order to do this successfully you have to not get caught in your mind.

If you don’t feel great just now, just look don’t touch!

You don’t need to ask why or figure anything out.

look for the place beyond







that place thats been the same since you were a child,

that bit that stays the same whether your happy or unhappy.

This space has been called your center.

Having the ability to find your center at will, will improve your ability to make decisions in problems and look after your health.

Dont worry if you have no idea what iam going on about!

For now just now that everyone has a center and you can take a break there anytime your ready 🙂

Keiron ‘Kit Kat’ Miller

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