How to get back up and win

Meet Steve (no relation to Steve Austin the 6 million dollar man)

Steve was referred to me by a therapist friend of mine

because he needed to build up the muscle in his leg after a bad skiing accident.

Steve doesn’t like to talk too much about his ordeal but let’s just say it was very traumatic.

Although his leg had 70% muscle wastage,

I recognised that it was his confidence that needed rebuilding the most.

Almost a year on and his leg is almost up to the same size as the other

and as an added bonus, he receives compliments about his physique whilst on holiday now too,

Although he pretends to find the training tough, I can tell he enjoys the workouts and

as an avid walker and “ticker” he likes having the confidence in his legs.

If you need help recovering from an injury get in touch and we will go from there.

Keiron ‘we can rebuild you’ Miller