Happiness is a choice

Try this exercise;

Think about being happy

Now feel what happiness feels like

Now be happy.

Hopefully, after trying the above,

you feel happier.

Regardless of your life situation,

you can be happy anytime you want.

We become what our minds think of the most,

so the more we can be happy

the happier we will become.

(seems kinda obvious now I have said it)

Your challenge for today is to,

chose to be happy.

See if you can catch yourself not being happy.

Some triggers might be;

noticing your body language is a bit off


feeling like life is a bit of a chore,

or you don’t like the activity you are doing.

As soon as you realise you are not happy

use the exercise above to

be happy.

Keiron ‘happy feet’ Miller

P.S. this might not work if you are deeply unhappy, or if you are going through something which you can’t get off your mind.

If this is the case get in touch with me and I will be glad to lend an ear.

Or if you have someone who you feel more comfortable to talk with please speak to them about what’s on your mind.

Don’t suffer in silence.