How to be unstoppable

Meet Jennie,

Working out regularly at home,

she had got as far as she could go.

She didn’t have any expectations

but was keen to work with someone who knew what to do.

She quickly took to the training and went from 1 gym session to 5 as she progressed
With a landmark birthday coming up she was determined to be in the best shape of her life
And she did it
After just over a year

she got in awesome shape peeking in December 2016.

But jennies training hasn’t all been plain sailing.

The first week back after the Christmas break

she slipped on some ice and broke her elbow.




but not out.

After 2 weeks off Jennie was back in the gym
Training her good arm while using visualisation techniques for the other arm (she probably wouldn’t have agreed to it if I had said that)
She never missed a session and after 4 weeks after a really bad break, we began to rebuild her arm.

3months on and she’s almost back to full strength and her arm is almost back to pre-injury levels.

Letting nothing get in her way Jennie is a great example of what is possible

when you

Be unstoppable.

Keiron ‘unstoppable’ Miller