I became 28 years younger in 6 months

6 months ago I was shocked.

With a body fat in the mid 20’s and not enough muscle

I found out I had a Metabolic age of 48!

At 31, this was not good!

I call your metabolic age your inside age.

I felt I could do with losing a little bit of fat,

but overall I was happy with the way I looked.

Hypothetically speaking

If you heard I had a stroke at 31,

you would say ‘wow’

he is too young to have a stroke.

But if you knew my inner age was 48,

now it sounds more believable.

It is not that far fetched however

as I have a friend a year older who has had 2.

There is no scientific correlation between metabolic age and having a stroke but

I am using it as an example to put into perspective how your inner health is doing.

Even if you think you look ok sometimes this doesn’t reveal the whole truth.

6 months on and I am glad to say I have reduced my metabolic age to 20

with a body fat of 15% at its lowest.

Keiron ’20 year old’ Miller

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