How I became younger

Since my 28 years younger email

people have asked how I lost 10% bodyfat in only 6 months.

So here it is

I changed as a person…

If you ask my clients who knew me six months ago

They will tell you that I am a very different person now.

That is how I know

Your body shape is not about

What you do

but who you be…

Being is a continuous state.

Doing is tempory.

This is why the cliché of ‘it’ needs to be a lifestyle change

is close to the truth.

In the beginning, there was a specific diet

But after that,

it is just doing what I feel to do based on who I am.

I could write a whole book on the last 6 months of my life

going into detail of what I went through to become different

But for now, take this away,

If you want to change anything

change yourself first.

Keiron ‘in the same boat ’Miller

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