I wish I was a little bit taller

In a world with social media

it is easy to get sucked in

to wanting what you don’t have.

Gratitude can be a great way

of staying grounded

and cultivating an appreciative mindset.

It is easy to give thanks for the obvious stuff,

like being thankful for our loved ones

Or having a roof over your head and food to eat.

I have found its far more powerful

to look for the smaller things that are often overlooked.

Things such as;

Bird song in the morning,

a friendly gesture in the street

Or even the fact that you are alive today.

There is a lot of beauty in this world but you have to learn

to appreciate it and that takes practice.

Putting all of this together in what seems like

such a fast pace world can be

A daunting task.

If you would like some guidance

then I would like to invite you to have a chat with me

to see if we would be a good

fit to practice together.

Keiron ‘so grateful’ Miller

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