Ice packs help injuries

Ice packs help to speed recovery from injury

I’ve just injured myself! What should I do? Ice Ice baby. Applying cryotherapy (cold treatment) soon after becoming injured will help speed up recovery and reduce pain.

It achieves this by slowing down the metabolic rate of the tissues, reducing swelling and modifying pain nerves.

How to apply. The sooner after an injury occurs the more beneficial the treatment will be.

The length and duration of how long will depend on the severity of injury but as a general guide cold therapy should be applied for 20-30minutes with an hour break between as often as convenient.

The optimal window to apply the treatment for acute injuries are 20-72 hours post. We recommend using these ice packs for general populations as they are more convenient and safe to use.

They can be stored in the freezer ready for use. The material that the packs are made from limit the chance of receiving an ice burn which can happen if ice is directly applied to the skin for too long.

These ice packs come with a compression sleeve which means you get the added benefit of compression whilst apply the ice. It is also the most secure ice pack we have tested meaning that you are able to still move around and get on with your day without it slipping or falling out of place.

It is also a good idea to have at least 2 Ice packs in your recovery arsenal, this way you can use them in rotation. For example, you use one wait till it is no longer cold put it back in the freezer take out the other 1 and apply it after a 30-60minute break.

Particularly for ligament sprains muscle strains and ongoing conditions where inflammation is suspected cryotherapy is an excellent self-injury management tool.

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