Life is better with a smile

Meet Bev
This beautiful woman came to me to re-capture her life.
She had difficulty walking up hills.
Getting out of breath.
Various ailments and different medications being taken.
Her body couldn’t keep up with her natural vitality and work demands.
Once we started working together it became clear that Bev was going to do well.
Always tackling her training with a determination not to often seen.
Bev is now;
Off the meds.
Losing inches,
And feeling 10/10.
You can hear her tell her story here (This is a must watch (4mins long))
We’re coming up to our 2nd year working together
and you can always tell when she’s in the gym because of all the laughter you can hear.
Get in touch if you want to get fit and have some fun doing it.
Keiron ‘having a laugh’ Miller