More than Just a Massage

Everything counts,

Everything makes a difference and has an effect.

How you sit,







and ofcourse, breathe. 

You can do these things poorly or well and how you do them will have implications on the results you get,

So why would a massage be any different?

How we bring quality into our massage sessions is the same way you bring quality into anything else,

to be more mindful, attentive, acting with care, intention and focused attention. 

it sounds like a lot but the quality is not easily achieved and should require more awareness. 

Really focusing on the intention is the key for us. 

Asking this simple question while working with the person makes all the difference,

what am I trying to achieve?

In this way, we deliver much more quality and resolve the aims of the individual.

Keiron ‘quality, not quantity’ Miller 

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