Motivation is a facade

You think you ‘lack motivation‘.

You want to achieve X but,

when it comes to moving your butt, you stay put.

I can tell you exactly how to change your habits,

to achieve any goal.

But it won’t make a difference until you change your beliefs.

Our beliefs are formed when we are children and influence our behaviours today.

For example;

If you don’t finish your food (waste it) you get punished.

So now you always finish your plate and eat everything in the fridge before it goes out of date!

You dont know why you do or don’t do something until you stop to understand it.

These beliefs that no longer serve us can be changed.

But they are very hard to find and ‘re-programme’ on your own.

The new Live Great coaching programme looks at exactly what is holding you back from achieving your goals and addresses it.

In this way, we hope to get true lasting change.

If you would like to volunteer yourself so we can test the effectiveness of the programme apply here

Keiron ‘I know kung fu’ Miller

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