Play to Win

Here I am collecting 1st place from 24 racers on our go-karting weekend in London.


I have to say I am pretty chuffed with the result and it has got me thinking of why I was able to come out on top.

I think it’s down to 2 things

1. I have accidentally been karting like 4 times in the past year (Practice)

2. My attitude towards the race (intention and intensity) 

Generally speaking, 

I always play to win.

I aim to do my best and I don’t beat myself up if I lose.

I just take what I can from the experience and try to win again next time.

This doesn’t just apply to racing or sports. 

I aim to give everything I do the same focus and intensity.

Just like your health and fitness goals you have to practice and make sure you go with the right intensity to ‘win’ every session.

So let me ask you a question,

are you playing just to participate or are you playing to win?

There is no right answer, 


it does feel good to win. 

Keiron ‘Lewis Hamilton’ Miller

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