Possibly your greatest asset

If there is one attribute

I would place above all others

to help you in any endeavour

it is Awareness.

Awareness of

what you want.

Awareness of

what your thoughts are.

Awareness of

others needs.

Awareness of

your body.

Awareness of

reality vs your imagination.

I have just become aware that this list can be endless lol.

So yes, awareness

in everything you do, don’t do, and experience.

Awareness may be the most powerful tool you have.

Let’s take weight management for example.

If you bring awareness into eating,

you may find you are eating for the sake of it

or you don’t actually enjoy whats in your mouth.

You could realise you are really dehydrated

and a glass of water would be better.

By becoming more aware of your feelings

you realise you are using food to deal with your emotions.

By Becoming more aware of your body

you realise certain foods upset your stomach.

So in this way your start to find out what works for you

and weight management happens in the most natural way.

So how do you raise your awareness?

You don’t need to do anything except,

the next time you recognise awareness coming in

just acknowledge it.

The more you recognise it

the more it will increase.

Keiron ‘I don’t miss a trick’ Miller

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