Pull the trigger; How to lead a more happy fulfilled life

Meet Thing 1 and Thing 2

They both want to quit their jobs because it makes them miserable.

Thing 1 decides it would be better to find another job first so they can continue to pay the bills.

Thing 2 decides to hand in their notice immediately and starts to work their notice period.

In this scenario who do you think is more likely to find a new job sooner?

Want to change jobs?

Want to travel?

Want to move house, speak to a guy/girl, start working out, by your dream car,

whatever it is man just do it


here’s the catch…

Living life this way can get you into trouble.

If things don’t work out you have to be tough enough to learn from your mistakes and go at it again.

Living a life on your terms takes persistence.

Building resilience takes practice.

Want to learn how to build resilience?

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Keiron ‘Sharp Shooter’ Miller

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