Set it and forget it

My body changes when IT’S ready.

I don’t have as much control over life as I would like.

I used to think I did,

but now I realise that mostly things just happen.

Have you ever tried to achieve something but couldn’t get it?

Then one day, by chance, voila, the thing you were working towards seemed to fall in your lap?

I started out with a vision for a body shape I would like.

Literally a picture on my laptop of a body shape I desired.

I took action consistently for a while

and not too much happened.

But I kept going not really with my goal in mind just because it became a habit.

Then after a few circumstances, I looked in the mirror one day and thought wow šŸ˜³

I’m almost at my ideal body shape…

How did that happen!?

The circumstances that brought about the change are not important.

‘That thing’ (magic bullet) doesn’t matter.

What matters is vision (goal) + action = result.

Our bodies can do anĀ inconceivable amount of actions at once

Our minds can only do 1 thing at a time.

If you think you can think your way to a goal good luck.

I set my bodies guidance system (vision or goal),

turn on the engine (take action),

Sit back and let my body take me to my destination.

If you would like help getting to your ideal body shape get in touch

Keiron ‘Uber’ Miller