Sports Injury Clinic


Sports Injury Clinic

Sports Injury Treatment Begins with a consultation. If we don’t believe we can help we will refer you on to someone who can and your consultation will be free of charge.

If we can help a typical sports injury your session will consist of some therapeutic intervention, guidance on causal factors, an exercise regimen and a complete treatment plan.

Our injury rehab in Bristol takes place at the popular St Pauls Sports Academy situated just off of the M32 as you enter into Cabot circus. This conveniently located centre has onsite parking and easy access from town.

A typical Injury Rehab Bristol will be a continuation of your therapeutic treatment.

Our injury treatment room in Bristol is tagged on to the gym which is great because often we will prescribe exercise medicine and show you what you can do at home o alleviate symptoms and heal yourself.

Injury rehab consists of three primary stages. Injury assessment, injury treatment and injury rehab.

During the injury assessment phase we will ask you questions about the history of the problem then do a thorough physical examination using specific tests to determine what the problem is and what caused it so it can be rectified.

During the Injury treatment phase we will use a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to achieve decreasing of symptoms and speeding of healing process. Some of the techniques include acupuncture, acupressure, Deep tissue massage, manual therapy, K tapping, Fascial scrapping.

During the Injury rehab phase here we focus primarily on exercise prescription to re-strengthen the body and get it stronger and more robust than before.

All of our practitioners at the sports injury clinic Bristol are qualified to degree level or higher and have a vast amount of experience to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

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