Sports Massage


Sports Massage Bristol

Sports Massage Bristol. Sports massage has many befits. People may get a sports massage because they have muscular aches and pains, a specific injury, postural corrections, enhance their sporting performance or simply because it feels good!.

Some of the know benefits of sports massage include Increased blood flow , better circulation, relaxation, decreased muscle tension, decreased chance of injury. Improve posture, help with injuries.

Our sports massage is delivered at the St Pauls academy just off the m32 as you enter into Cabot circus. With onsite parking and easy access you can receive your sports massage

A typical session will consist of a short questionnaire, followed by your aims for the sessions then your massage treatment.

Does sports massage hurt?
The aims of the therapist are to move the soft tissues. Some people can describe the sensation as pleasantly uncomfortable.

How long does the sports massage last?
For a full body treatment will take around an hour but sometimes sessions can run over.

Sports massage helps to keep your muscles feeling free and loose to do their job without distracting you by being achy or painful.

As you move through your day your muscles can be become tight. Over time if left unaddressed these tightness’s can become trigger points or ‘knots’. Sports massage aims to decrease these tightness’s and knots allowing uninhibited blood flow and proper muscle function.

If the muscle becomes tight and has these ‘knots’ the muscle is unable to produce its full contraction capability. This inability to produce force not only decreases strength but can lead to muscle imbalances and injuries. Sports massage can decrease the tension in the body and help you relax.

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