Success is a skill

Meet Tammy.

Tammy came to me because she wanted to fix her posture and see if exercising would stop her regular headaches.

I told her the headaches were a result of bad posture and weakness in her back
and when we fix that, I predicted no more headaches.

After a few weeks of training and some hands-on treatment

the headaches went from a couple of times a week to once in a blue moon.
After a while despite her scoliosis, her posture had greatly improved.

Although I couldn’t tell, Tammy loved the workouts! (She has a mean poker face)

She loved the challenge.
She noticed her strength was improving and
was able to do more at work and in the woodshop.
Tammy’s been with us over a year now and besides, the awesome shape she’s got in (You can see the post here)
The thing that has improved the most is her confidence.
Success in any area breeds more success.

This is often a common side effect of training.

By making tiny ‘gainz’ in the gym and getting good at something you previously wasn’t, trains your ‘success muscle’. 

Get in touch and we will help you flex your success muscle.
Keiron ‘breeding success’ Miller