“I’ve noticed a massive improvement in the 3 months I’ve been working with Keiron. I’m stronger, healthier, and now actually enjoy working out whereas before it was more of a chore.

I’ve also learnt so much around the damage my diet and lifestyle has been doing to my health. Keiron has opened my eyes to nutrition, and I’ve since been eating much healthier and more regularly too.”

Kayleigh Hudson
Recruitment Consultant


I am now able to walk into the gym with confidence about what equipment to use, how to use them, training sequences and the knowledge that if I work hard I can achieve the results I want.

Lorraine Stephens


I think that Keiron really gets to understand the root cause of the problem through his questioning skills and through looking holistically at the issues.

Sandra Keith
Business Consultant


It has helped me get my back far better that it has been in years and Keiron is lovely and seems to love the challenge of working out how to get individuals to optimum health.

Helen Rockcliffe


Self Employed


Clara Kort


Cristina Sandru

Just of our success stories.

Linda went back to running

I sustained a back injury a few years ago which resulted in ongoing chronic pain, which was only relieved with high doses of medication and intermittent physiotherapy. After consistent re-injury while trying to manage my health and exercise regime myself, I decided to approach a personal trainer with a good knowledge of physiology and rehabilitation to write a programme specific to my needs which included greater flexibility, reduced pain and better quality of life without being reliant on medication.

Since starting I have considerably less pain. I have stopped taking medication and I now manage my pain through the exercise and stretching programme written by my personal trainer. I have better flexibility, greater stamina and increased physical strength. With the advice and support of my personal trainer Keiron, I have recently attained my personal goals of completing a 5km & 10km running race, and a Super-Sprint Triathlon. I'm aiming for a 1/2 marathon next, but more importantly, exercising is an enjoyable part of my lifestyle now and I love moving and living in my body.

When I started with Keiron I realised I had completely lost touch with my body - I couldn't read my own physical responses because every movement caused me pain. Keiron helped me to overcome my fear of injury by always consulting with me about every movement he wanted me to try and do. This collaboration allowed me to relax and trust his judgement and I was therefore able to push harder and do more than I had ever tried to before. Having a personal trainer has allowed me to achieve more than I thought I was capable of.

You won't be disappointed if you are clear about what you are trying to achieve. A personal trainer can take you to that level, and beyond.

Ron completed his first marathon

I was in training for my first marathon, and the longer runs were leaving me tight. I’d picked up a hamstring niggle and that was starting to affect my running. I had been advised to go to Keiron about 18 months before when an injury threatened to stop me from doing a first triathlon, and he had helped me through that. So, this time, I went to see him early. This was about 8 weeks out from the marathon. I decided to see him for a sports massage for an hour once/week up to the run.
I was able to keep training through those 8 weeks. The injury that I had picked up was eased over the first few massage sessions. That stopped bothering me - I was back running again without restriction. But I carried on with the massage each week to help keep me in good shape and injury free. And the massage session is an opportunity , too, to talk through run strategies, nutrition strategies, hydration, all of that.
Relief. Confidence. I knew from before that I was putting the injury in the hands of someone who knew what he doing. I knew that, if I got those regular massages, and if I followed Keiron’s advice about stretching etc, I could stop worrying about the injury, and focus on my training. The sports massage sessions became part of the training regime.
Most of us get to a point with a niggle or an injury where it’s affecting the training, it’s affecting the confidence, but we don’t have any idea what to do about it. It’s simple. Go to someone who knows what he’s doing. Get that help. It’s somehow a hard decision the first time, to put your training and your race goals in someone else’s hands - I know I took far too long the first time. But the second time, it was obvious. Like I said : relief, confidence.

David is adding to his 'health account'

I am the kind of person who works at a desk, at a laptop or in meetings more or less all day long. Then when I exercise, I tend to go hell for leather to 'get the most' out of my session, which is usually 5-a-side or 11-a-side football. I had noticed that my aches & pains were lasting longer, were more debilitating, and generally I was feeling the effects of age and of wear and tear on my body more and more. I knew I needed help. I just didnt know how or what to do.
I measure the impact of this program in several ways. It all falls under one category though... I 'feel' better. I feel physically better through better preparation, more targeted & efficient warm-up, knowing my body a little better during both exercise and the regular day, being and acting more mindful of my body and its needs (water, posture etc) and of course the direct physical benefits of having a 'fix-up' session where stresses and strains are pin-pointed and relieved. I also feel better mentally - I feel positive that I am doing something about myself, that I am acting on me, for me. It feels good to know I have a regular session booked in and that I have a frequent touchpoint in the month where I am the focus briefly. Thats a good thing. I spend the rest of my time focussed on what my bosses, colleagues, friends, everyone would like and want. This time is all about me and thats valuable.
My favourite part about the program is how the physical therapy sessions are also mental therapy too. It feels like body and mind are being healed together. Not just through the constructive conversation, but because the focus is briefly on me, and that allows a certain reflection and an opportunity to retune imbalances, both physical and mental.
You need to maintain & repair regularly if you are to last beyond your retirement. Ive been putting money away for later in life for a while - now I feel like Im putting a little good health away too.

Kayleigh now enjoys working out

Having not stuck with any form of exercise since I was a kid, I knew I had to do something. I wanted to be stronger, fitter and healthier in general.

I've noticed a massive improvement in the 3 months I've been working with Keiron. I'm stronger, healthier, and now actually enjoy working out whereas before it was more of a chore.

Even though I've had to leave the Programme earlier, Keiron has taught me so much that I now feel confident that I can attend the gym and continue putting the learning into practice.

I've also learnt so much around the damage my diet and lifestyle has been doing to my health. Keiron has opened my eyes to nutrition, and I've since been eating much healthier and more regularly too.

Keiron is so easy to work with - he makes it fun but works you hard at the same time. He also adds so much more value than just giving a PT session, for example I suffer with migraines and we've many a conversation around how sports massage could potentially help that too. He always goes the extra mile to support you which is great.

Just do it! You'll not regret it.