Avoiding Tension Headaches

Is your head on your neck on your shoulders?

If not this could be the reason you suffer from frequent tension related headaches.

A headache sufferer are often unaware of the musculo-skeletal component of their condition. This can be especially true for those who hold their tension in their shoulders when they become stressed. Headaches are then associated with being stressed when it is usually bad biomechanics (the way our body works together).

The modern working position is sat in front of a laptop with a head forward position. This leads to the excessive workload for the muscles in and around the neck. Over time this tension can lead to chronic tightness and move its way to the temple areas via fascia causing a headache.

This affliction is easily avoidable. First start with your posture. Ensuring you rarely have this forward head posture. Always keep your head on your neck on your shoulders.

Another way to alleviate this tension is by giving yourself a double chin. ChinĀ tucks are an overlooked exercise which has many benefits. Chin tucking ensures your head is stacked on your neck and it also trains your deep neck flexors which are like having a strong core for your neck.

Another thing you can do is some simple neck stretches we have video demonstrations for managing neck pain in the optimal health online library here.

Sometimes you may have formed trigger points in the tight muscles if that is the case simple stretches may not be enough in which case I would recommend visiting your local soft tissue expert or someone who can deal with trigger points specifically.

I would love to hear of your experience with tension headaches please comment below

To your health
Keiron Miller BSc