The other side

When people come to me with minor complaints about their bodies,

I always ask ‘what do you do to look after yourself?

They look back at me with a blank stare and proceed to tell me about more training.

What I mean by look after yourself is TLC, not the 90’s RnB group but tender loving care.

I liken our bodies to cars, it will only go so far before it breaks down.

Just like a car you have to service and maintain it regularly.

Give it the right fuel,


get a massage,

self-massage (not that kind but apparently that has some health benefits too ;-)),

take hot baths,


practice yoga and when the engine light comes on (pain) you should react to this as this is a warning before injury (breakdown) sets in.

I call this the other side of the coin.

But this is not exclusive to training, even if you are using your body to go hard at work or life you have to balance this outwardness with inwardness.

Visit the website for more tips on how to look after yourself.

Keiron ‘self-massaging’ Miller