The Perfect Body

Have you ever seen someone and you can just tell they have had a hard life?

Our Bodies reflect everything that has ever happened to us,

even from before we were born.

Every gym session we’ve done,

every cupcake we’ve eaten,

every emotion we’ve felt,

every genetic difference we were given,

Has led our bodies to this point.

Our body is our life story.

Take your hair, for example, it is that way it is because you did or didn’t do it just now.

No matter what your body is like, understand that it is perfect.

It is the perfect representation of what you have been through.

Or what it has been exposed to.

Before we can change our bodies we must first accept it.

Be grateful for it.

Appreciate it.

But, also know it won’t be here forever.

So ask yourself…

While I have this perfect thing what do I want to do with it?

How do I want it to be?

Whatever you choose for yourself, know your body will record what it’s exposed to whether its ‘good’ or ‘bad‘.

For example, if you want a healthy body;

You have to do healthy things and be a healthy person.

It is as simple as that.

Feel free to email me what you want for your body.

Keiron ‘keeping it simple’ Miller