The time I thought I was going to die (Music Vs. Pre-workouts)

Pre-workout vs. Music
There was only one time I ever felt like I was going to die. This was while under the influence of a Fat Burner, a supplement designed to help you raise your metabolism to aid in fat burning.

I was only a few years into my training career and had booked a holiday to Egypt. I decided I would up my cardio and take these supplements in order to complete my cut so I could be as lean as possible for this trip. My error came through my naivety of the effectiveness this supplement and by taking them right before I went to bed. They kept me awake all through the night, I finally fell asleep around 5 am and had to be up at 6 to be at the gym for 6.45, lack of sleep, super low calories and stupidly taking another 2 tablets before leaving the house on no breakfast made for a recipe for disaster.

I was in work for about 45 minutes when I starting feeling faint and having heart palpitations. I had never fainted before but new I didn’t want to nor was enjoying the feeling of being about to. I started to panic. Luckily, an early training mentor of mine was also on shift who got me to lie down with my legs up and gave me some golden syrup to eat in the staff room. As soon as I calmed down I was fine but decided from that point I would never touch the stuff again.
I have not tried another fat burner since but have used pre-workout which does similar things, Pre-workouts are supplements which as the name implies you take before working out to help with training. Depending on the type of pre-workout (Brand or variation) they are meant to give mental focus, improve physical readiness, open blood vessels to improve vascular muscle pump, help you do more through your workouts and aid with the recovery.
Some of the side effects not mentioned by the manufacturers that I have noticed with some of the pre-workouts are, face tingling, skin itching on legs and arms, raises heart rate and sweat more. I have noticed being more motivated to train, an increase in mental focus during the workout, being able to push myself harder for longer, noticing less pain when training. how much of these noticeable effects are psychological (placebo) or physiological are questionable tho however but do seem to work either way.

I train with a few different people, most of whom use different training aids to help push them through workouts, having tried different pre work out on several occasions I decided these also were not for me, my main reason is because I personally don’t like to mess with anything that effects my body’s regulatory systems hence why I also limit my caffeine consumption.

Gem: we know if you abuse sugar you develop diabetes but the damaging effects of caffeine and other stimulants are not often discussed but as a natural feeling if you use these stimulants to often then you may diminish your bodies natural capability of harnessing its natural energies.

Besides that as with protein supplements the long term effects are also not clear.

I have noticed in the past music giving me similar motivational effects as pre workouts. Whenever I am feeling a bit low or not feeling the workout I will opt for music. My personal favourites are grime and hip hop workout playlists.

All of these training aids are to use as your prerogative, but my recommendation is to use them sparingly. For overall well-being, you want to be the master of your energy and not rely on external aids for motivation.
There may come a time when you don’t have these available and may start you off on a bad foot for your workout or worse if you take the incorrect dosage you may feel like you might die!.