Transformers: Your pain in disguise

In the audio book the power of now by Eckhart Tolle (my fave audio book of all time btw),

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the author lays out a method of transforming pain into a state of aliveness.

Or another way to say itĀ is using pain as an opportunity for spiritual awakening.

Pain is a sensation to be felt but our minds add a story to it and turn it into;






a problem.

Below is one method to achieveĀ this state.

Try it for yourself and see what happens.

Lay down somewhere quiet and close your eyes.

Put your attention in your body and find any pain.

Move your attention more deeply into the pain as if you were swimming deeper into that sensation.

Focus and concentrate on the feeling without thought… just feel…

It’s inevitable that you will start to think again but as soon as you realise you have lost your concentration on the feeling return to it.

I won’t tell you what happens to me but the longer you stay with it the more interesting things get!

See for yourself what happens and

Message me with your findings.

Keiron ‘Optimus Prime’ Miller