What is love?

Love is…

A felt realisation of a return to oneness.

Let’s assume that everything comes from the same place or

everything is made of the same stuff.

We walk around thinking that we are separate.

Then we meet someone special

or have a child,

and then we feel a certain connectedness.

That is why we can say we love our partners


we love our family members.

But it doesn’t stop there,

this also extends to our friends,

our pets

and even some objects

Like childhood teddies

a car

we love food

Some people can even fall deeply in love

with buildings for example.

Here’s the thing

a lot of the time we are longing for this feeling of oneness

But you have it,

all the time.

It’s not that the thing makes you feel love

It was there all the time

you just have to learn how to access it.


I hear you ask…

Well that’s for another email

Keiron ‘cliff hanger’ Miller

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