Whats your intention for today

What is your intention for the day?

Is there a purpose?

Something you want to achieve?

Someway you want to feel

or be?

I notice a lot of people moving through life frustrated

because it’s not how they think it should be.

They have some expectation about what their experience should be.

But if they go about their day with no thought

towards achieving that expectation

guess what…

nothing changes,

except maybe becoming more disenchanted with life.

So life just seems to happen to them

rather than participating with life.

They feel they have no control.

But we are creative beings

with the ability to create whatever we want.

The trick is…

We have to put our minds to it and

keep our thoughts towards whatever we want

Thats all we need to do.

The more attention we give to our wants

the more our actions become aligned and move us towards those wants

and start to create those things around us

Whatever we want



living more abundantly

different locations

more confidence

better interactions


start out with something simple

make your intention for the day

and do your best to remember it.

A word of caution about ‘wanting’

you must think about whatever you want in a relaxed and cheerful way.

You have to understand that these things are just nice bonuses

and whether or not they happen it doesn’t matter.

It is quite a skill to want something and not want it at the same time.

Get in touch if I am not making any sense lol.

Better than wanting something else, however,

is learning to find happiness in what you already have.

This is the ultimate.

Keiron ‘intent’ Miller

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