Why I Fail…

The reason I fail,


Or more precisely, a lack of results.

I was training in the gym today

and as I prepared for my next lift,

I caught a glimpse of some definition in my legs that I have never noticed before.

It was probably just the lighting but never the less, BAMM!

There it was….


All of us sudden, I was lifting more, trying harder and I stayed behind longer.

See what happens is when you notice the results of your efforts, you become inspired to keep going.

To me, you only fail IF, you give up.

So as long as you keep going, you are a success.

Whatever your goal,

you must measure the thing you are working towards,

otherwise, how will you know if you have made progress?

How long would you continue to work if you didn’t see the result of money going into your account?

step 1. Measure your start point.

step 2. Take action.

step 3. Measure the result.

If it works, keep going.

If it doesn’t work, change something.

This is how we continue to progress.

Keiron ‘not failing’ Miller

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